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Yeah, my parents use Ubuntu at home, though it's on a pc with a non-working sound card. They just use it for word processing and web browsing, basically.

I refused to "upgrade" to XP (mostly to save memory), but I may be "forced to" as there are a growing number of games that supposedly require it that I'm interested in. I also need to upgrade to a gig or two of ram... blah. Vista and "Windows 7" are right out... they require way too much processing power and memory to do the same crap as before, plus there are DRM issues (sorry, but I don't want to only use M$ approved software and reserve the right to upgrade/downgrade when I feel like it).

Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get on! I thought I had heard of Q3 working in linux, so even though there's no official port of JA, that isn't too shocking. I'm sorry we haven't gotten to play.

My class schedule currently is Tuesday through Friday and I'll be working Sundays (subject to change). Thankfully I have no morning classes, but it looks like I'll be writing over a hundred pages this semester. Good luck!

PS: The JA server is paid for through Sept 14th. On the 15th they'll charge me again automatically unless I cancel it. So I'm debating whether to continue it or not. I probably won't have time by then, but if people want to use it enough, maybe I could justify the added expense. Once I'm out of here though I'm going to really have to pinch pennies, so it probably won't be back for the foreseeable future.

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