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Originally Posted by MishraArtificer View Post
[HIDDEN]So there's a dangling vine hanging in the Temple of Shadow's inner chamber above Channa Mae? Is that supposed to be there?

On Mandalore's ship, the console Shadow accesses to hack the Mandie's comm systems is a backback and Malak has no combat animations. He just sort of starts forward and leaves all the work to Shadow and me.

I found the non-canon key...and finally figured out that Pazaak plays to 20 NOT 21...and I found the non-canon footlocker...then I left the new areas, boarded the ship, worked at my workbench, and left the ship to level everyone...and THEN it died. The save never finished saving. It hung up and caused my compy to crash back to the desktop. One of your non-canon items, maybe? I'll try to replicate the bug tonight.
Sounds like your having some serious issues with 2DA's. Have you installed any other mods which use 2DA's since installing BoS:SR? Because if so, they will have overwritten the ones used with BoS:SR. The best thing to do would be to clear your override, reinstall the mod, load an earlier save, and then see if the problems persist.

Originally Posted by jxxx22 View Post
Perhaps in the next patch you could limit the number of characters per line.
This won't be revised.

Originally Posted by jxxx22 View Post
Many of the new modules need some polish. Some of them have dissapearing textures, the character won't be able to move during combat or afterwards, and i got stuck in many areas or "teleported" and stuck in the air.
Never experienced or heard anything like this. On what modules do textures disappear?

Originally Posted by jxxx22 View Post
The bosses in Solomon's Revenge are overpowered and make the fight not so epic nor enjoyable, because all you will do is spam something on them to avoid getting killed, i enjoyed the bosses fights in The Brotherhood of Shadow way more than i enjoyed those from Solomon's Revenge, in fact, i was full of frustation in those fights and the bug i cited above where your character gets stuck in those modules made the fights even harder and frustating.
Now, i do enjoy a challenge but, making the enemy boss with greater stats while playing a time-based combat game in my humble opinion is cheap, i should enjoy way more if instead of giving them powers like statis to spam and overpowered damage values, you give them a greater will, reflex and fortitude, the fight will last longer and itwill be more enjoyable.
Also some of these fights you can't pause in the beggining to set your strategy and commands more quickly, making it even harder.
Boss difficulty has been revised in the 1.1 patch. No further revisions will take place.

Originally Posted by Daos300 View Post
Question real fast for SE.
Whatever happened to Daemon Drexl? I mean I don't think Mec'hanic ever mentions what he did with him throughout the entire story of Solomon's Revenge. I'm just curious is all.
Show spoiler

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