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I'm really happy there will be a 3rd game. Hopefully it will be the complete, perfect and final Battlefront. The 2 first ones were pretty near it.

My list:
1. Troops and vehicles:
= Pretty much perfect in BF1
+ No earning troops like in BF2, it was horrible
+ No medal boosts, also horrible
+ Add all the missing ones
+ Ability to pick up weapons? When using weapons not your specialization you are less accurate, slower and you can only carry the bullets inside the gun. A small desperation action.

2. Heroes
= Pretty good in BF2
+ Make AI able to control them again
+ Allow more than 1 per team (Up to 3?)
+ No earning them either outside campaign. You get them once or infinitely (or not at all) from start.
+ Health bar instead of the time/kill bar
+ Saber clashing a la Jedi Knight

3. Maps
= I liked BF1 maps more than BF2 maps. Geonosis was great in BF1, horrible in BF2
+ All the battlegrounds from the movies, smallest ones too. "Real" scale and geometry. Some maps have more and some have less troops.
+ Space fights need more people. 6 crafts per team is horrible, in movies there are hundreds.

4. Other stuff
- BF1 didn't have the new music, BF2 used new songs too much. Balance it
- I liked BF2 campaign but it could be more immersive
- Very detailed statistics
- All the basic better graphics, physics, AI, make corpses stay longer...

= The perfect and complete Star Wars battle simulation. I don't need any bells and whistles on top of that.
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