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They look great. Also by rangefinder I meant the antenna thing on the Arcs helmet but the binocular thing is good too but is it possible to put on the antenna thing and move the rangefinder a little higher instead of on their eyes. The reason that regular clones are with the Arcs is because Arcs rarely ever went in groups of Arcs only. The group would be one blue Arc number 59 name Jai and has a blue pauldron, rangefinder bacta pack, and anti-armor pack, one green Arc number 18 name Razor and has a green pauldron, sniper pack, holo-emitter, and blaster pack, three clone troopers one of them green with a green pauldron number 65 name Fierfek, one of them white with an orange pauldron number 87 name Flare, and one of them white with a black pauldron and small (not large) Mando Emblem on chest number 30 name Ven'vul. Give the clone troopers the DC-15 blaster rifle and make it as powerful as the DC-17m blaster attachment and make everyone heal able. Also by colors I don't mean color the whole clone a certain color, just a stripe of that color going down their armor.

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