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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
But if I need to play by the rules, then I'll do so. I officially declare that in any debate I have/partake in within the LF forums, I disregard the superiority of G-Canon over C-Canon and will judge any character and whatnot based only on in-universe material.
That's fine but you also will have to accept that others you talk to don't have to obey these rules and when the 'canon beast' comes up you may have to re-state this over and over again. And over, and over, and ov... you get the picture.

In Lucas' defense Jedi/Sith displaying such fabled and awesome abilities on screen for you to have your "proof" would have made any reasonable storytelling neigh impossible, not that some parts of the story as told weren't hard enough for some to swallow as it is. This is easier in a comic or writing a book than it is in making a movie, so while some EU character 'pwns all' with his 'uber l33t powers' in a novel I can guarantee you that a movie made of that story would not have much or any of that ultimate power nonsense.

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
And of course your PnP character would wipe out everyone combined! With those weapons?
If you are referring to the avatar and sig, that's isn't the right character. I have a whole source book on Red, and when it came time to adjust it for the prequels it didn't actually take long.

Originally Posted by Agincourt View Post
Problem is that if Lucas said something that conflicts with the expanded universe or KOTOR, you don't simply yield to Lucas because he was the creator.
While you indeed don't have to yield to Lucas, by doing so though in a debate you also don't have a leg to stand on in your arguments either, as those who choose to stick with the stated canon will challenge your statements, and rightfully so.

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