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Originally Posted by Forogorn View Post
Lol, Anakin is spelled wrong, but anyways, I think Anakin would have been the victor. Revan was a magnificent strategist, he was wise and intelligent at the same time, but that doesn't mean anything. Anakin was more powerful, stronger, and was very strong in the Force. He could just force choke Revan and would win. I hope you people aren't voting for Revan because you got to play as him. Revan is not that powerful as you think, if he was, he would have defeated Bastila and the Jedi trying to capture him, and escape before Malak could have blasted his ship. Theofore, Revan is weak and pathethic and should have seen it coming. And if Revan was smart, he would have stayed on the path of the Light Side, so that Malak wouldn't have taken over as Dark Lord of the Sith. He also should have killed his master, Kreia, to show that he has turned to the Dark Side, instead of going far away and was never to be seen again. If he had killed Kreia, he would have saved a lot of trouble for the Exile in the second game. There I go, I proved that Revan is weak with many reasons to go along with it.
And I laugh at them.
Revan very nearly destroyed the Republic in a very short amount of time, while Anakin who had unlimited soldiers behind him, it took about what to destroy the CIS? 20 years?
The thing about Anakin that makes him inferior is that he was so incredibly headstrong and arrogant, that it was pretty much his own fault he lost all his limbs and nearly burned on Mustafar, and oh yeah, Revan was shot at by his own apprentice with a huge ship and managed to live.
Anakin was way to attached as well, refusing to kill Palpatine when it was discovered who he was.
And Padme, who he was so attached to that he would reveal all the Republic's secrets to the Droids if both were captured with 0% chance of escaping and forced to watch Padme be tortured, where as Revan did not say a single word of a secret while watching Bastila be tortured.

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