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Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper View Post
And I laugh at them.
Revan very nearly destroyed the Republic in a very short amount of time, while Anakin who had unlimited soldiers behind him, it took about what to destroy the CIS? 20 years?
Three years. Three years for the Republic to destroy the CIS.

Revan was shot at by his own apprentice with a huge ship and managed to live.
Barely. It was luck, and Bastila's healing abilities that saved The Dark Lord on the bridge of his flagship.

And Padme, who he was so attached to that he would reveal all the Republic's secrets to the Droids if both were captured with 0% chance of escaping and forced to watch Padme be tortured, where as Revan did not say a single word of a secret while watching Bastila be tortured.
That's a ridiculous assumption, based on nothing more than speculation.
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