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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
While you indeed don't have to yield to Lucas, by doing so though in a debate you also don't have a leg to stand on in your arguments either, as those who choose to stick with the stated canon will challenge your statements, and rightfully so.
I wasn't taking a side. I was simply bringing up the matter of canon conflicting with one another. If someone created something and Lucas said that he would not honor it as part of his star wars universe, then that makes that creation moot. If Lucas said that he would allow KOTOR and TFU to be considered canon, then they are worth just as much as any of his creations.

You do make a point about the movies being more difficult to make 'ultimate jedi powers' than novels or even games. But if Lucas wants to redo the movies and make all his Jedi more powerful, then he can do that. Otherwise, I will assume that Darth Vader was not as great as all the Jedi I've seen in the games and the pretrilogy.
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