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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
My monitor only goes upto 1360x768, so I don't think that's very huge.

I'll most probably get the card off a local dealer who generally sells cheap, but I just wanted to know what the perfect card will be. I'll be buying somewhere around Christmas, so that's some 4 months left for prices to drop. So the price issue is kinda vague, just give me a good mainstream card to consider that'll retail at around $100.

And btw, I meant to say former, the 4770 has GDDR5, not 4850.
Those two cards are similar in performance, with the 4770 sporting the newer tech (45nm GPU, GDDR5 using a 128-bit bus) and the 4850 using slighly older tech (55nm GPU, GDDR3 on a 256-bit bus). I would still get the 4850, because its GPU features the full 800 shaders compared with the 4770's 640(?). Both can be had for about the same price here in the states. At your resolution you shouldn't need a frame buffer any larger than 512MB. Just make sure that it comes with adequate cooling, or that your case has good ventilation, and be sure to use a utility to adjust the fan speed. Some of those 4850s have downright crappy coolers.

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