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My only gripe with it are those 'seams' in the arms. Its really noticeable in the uncovered arm. But, I suppose unless you want to re-weight the entire model, you won't be doing that.
Would you want to go through that? There are far less painful ways to kill yourself. >_>


Thanks to the wonderful Photoshop skills of Darth Jaden, I have a great texture for my Sion model. I tweaked it a bit so I could get the skin tones right and i've now played with it enough as i'm comfortable with.

Some of the heads match up great, others, not so much, but i'll never get it to match them all. Here's a screenshot of the model with the new textures:

(Since this mod was a collaboration with DJ, I figured i'd try and emulate a Darth Jaden style screenshot. )

As far as i'm concerned, this is now ready for release. I just need to get it all packaged up and then it's finished.


DJ and I are also working together on something else, which I haven't posted any screenshots of yet. Those'll be coming within the next few days. DJ's already finished her part of the mod, now i'm just putting everything together, making a few more 2da changes and setting up the TSL Patcher. That'll be out soon, too. I'll try and get some screenies up of that, ASAP.

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