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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
The Force would have forever remained unbalanced since the Chose One - the only one who could destroy the Sith - was now dead.

This brings up an interesting question, which I posed in another thread: is it even possible for Darth Vader to be killed before he is redeemed and fulfills the prophecy? Is the future set in stone, and Anakin's destiny is therefor already decided and cannot possibly be altered? Or are there many possible futures, and the prophecy of the Chosen One tells of the only hopeful outcome?
Originally Posted by JKAMaster View Post
Leia must be the founder of the Alliance, because she is the only rebel that survived the Dark ending.
Both interesting...
There is another way to see the prophecy though. Maybe Vader DID bring balance to the force by training Starkiller. And Starkiller brining balance himself. It's like Shem said...Vader just didn't do it in a direct way.

I am wondering how the rebel alliance coul excist in Ultimate Sith Edition though. I find it hard to believe Leia could do the same as Bel Iblis, Mothma and Organa...

We'll see when the game hits the shops.

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