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Please note that most of these ideas relate to Republic Commando.

1: I think that the way that people get health is go to a bacta station and wait for 5 seconds or so and get full health, like in Republic Commando.
2: You should be able to customize the armor of the soldier you play as.
3: The Republic side should have clone commandos in the unit selection and Grievous's bodyguards on the CIS.
4: You should be able to have a squad and give them orders, but in a different way then in Republic Commando.
5: You should be able to use the enemy's weapons.
6: You should be able to melee with your gun.
7: New eras that weren't in the movies.
8: It should be for the PC so people can mod it!
9: The rank system in BFII should be remade so the clone/stormtrooper's helmet has a colored stripe on it for rank. The droids have some color on their upper torso. IDK about the rebels.
10: The ability to dual-wield guns like Halo 2 and 3.
11: The ability to spawn on the surface of a planet and take a fighter and fly up to the space above the planet.
12: The ability to go underwater.
13: Campaign should be like how it was in SWBFI, each side has a different campaign.
14: Multiplayer campaign.
15: Some, I repeat, some content from the TV series, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."
16: For the PC version, a built-in game recorder that is made for machinimas and gameplay videos.
17: When getting into a vehicle, an animation plays that shows you getting in the vehicle. I didn't like how people disappear when they get in a vehicle in SWBFII.
18: The HUD should look different depending on the soldier type and faction.
19: Maps should be how the movies made them look.
20: It should have the Euphoria engine like in TFU. If a soldier is hit in the arm or hand, he'd drop his gun and pick it up and hold it the opposite way.
21: It should have an easy-to-use map editor that comes with the game.

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