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Originally Posted by gamma097 View Post
1-9 The game should be Republic Commando
Originally Posted by gamma097 View Post
10: The ability to dual-wield guns like Halo 2 and 3.
I can maybe understand a hero like jango having 2 pistols, but otherwise this seems like a feature that works in games like linear shooters like halo, but not so much on a battlef game.
15: Some, I repeat, some content from the TV series, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."
Please for the love of god just let this series be forgotten and die, theres hundreds of planets in the star wars cannon, use some of those.
18: The HUD should look different depending on the soldier type and faction.
Might be sort of cool but its possible that one faction would get the "better" hud and then everyone would bitch about it in tournaments
19: Maps should be how the movies made them look.
Problem with this is that some of the battles in the movie are sort of... bland. Like geonosis was almost entirely just flat desert. That works in a movie when you control which side wins, but in a game its generally considered terrible level design if your level has no cover what so ever and both sides just walk at each other shooting.
20: It should have the Euphoria engine like in TFU. If a soldier is hit in the arm or hand, he'd drop his gun and pick it up and hold it the opposite way.
Like duel wielding, that works for single player, imagine having to pause every time you were shot. Matches would take forever.

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