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Originally Posted by Agincourt View Post
I wasn't taking a side. I was simply bringing up the matter of canon conflicting with one another.
I was also replying not to your whole post but just the part I quoted.

Originally Posted by Agincourt View Post
If someone created something and Lucas said that he would not honor it as part of his star wars universe, then that makes that creation moot. If Lucas said that he would allow KOTOR and TFU to be considered canon, then they are worth just as much as any of his creations.
Here you misunderstand how canon works in Star Wars... they have levels of canon, so things like KotOR are lower then the movies/etc.

G-Canon = Movies/Raidioplays/Screenplays/Lucas Statements/etc.
C-Canon = Most all of the EU... etc.

G-Canon > C-Canon

Is it annoying? Yes, but it is how things are.

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