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The Recon, your Recon since you modified it a bit, looks very well, better in some ways than the original.

The Jedi-wielding Commando isn't a personal favorite of mine. I'm Mando, I don't like Jedi. But the lightsaber and reflection are very well done.

The demolitions expert looks pretty nice, I might try to use the blank model to make one as well.

Anyway, great job gamma!

Mereel, Mer'ika:


K1lingdr3ad-I like your avvy

General LiWar-I know that you might be busy, but there are a lot of new Commandos, and I visit your site daily(that's kissing up to the boss ) and I haven't seen any of the new. If there is some way, I may upload them instead of you? Just tell me how.

"...Turns to me, and he says,
'why so serious, son?'
Comes at me with the knife...
'Why so serious?'
He sticks the blade in my mouth...
'Let's put a smile on that face!' "

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