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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post

G-Canon = Movies/Raidioplays/Screenplays/Lucas Statements/etc.
C-Canon = Most all of the EU... etc.

G-Canon > C-Canon

Is it annoying? Yes, but it is how things are.
The way things are? I think you need to stop playing TFU and stop watching the Original trilogy for a while, because none of it is 'the way things are.'

If in the event that you've got a lot of G-canon that shows Revan able to do impressive tasks beyond what Anakin ever had done, I would say there is much more 'evidence' to support him than Anakin/Vader. That's not to say Anakin wasn't, but he certainly hasn't shown himself to be the powerful Jedi he was supposed to be.

I would say that Darth Maul clearly would beat out Darth Vader, based on how he handled a saberstaff WAY beyond what you've seen in the original trilogy. Vader was clearly not a 'level 9' lightsaber duelist from his miserable performance in the movies, so that disregards Lucas claim that Vader was such a skilled swordsman. I've played the Force Unleashed and could honestly say that Vader was just pathetic (I base this on the player's stats at the beginning of the game, not the boss version)

In the pretrilogy, he clearly made the Jedi much more impressive than they ever were in the original trilogy, so it shows that Lucas wanted more than what Vader ever yielded in terms of Jedi abilities. Why not just reduce the speed and intensity of the Jedi powers to keep Anakin/Vader the most powerful of them all?

Even his own creations put his word to question, so how can you trust it?

He's the creator? Well if he says G-cannon is authentic, then C-canon gets no special supreme authority. Lucas could have denied G-canon and kept Anakin the most powerful Jedi there was, but he allowed it.

So that makes G-canon worth as much as C-canon unless Lucas objects to it.

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