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I actually just returned to WoW about a week before Blizzcon and hit 80 a few days ago now. I am not gonna lie, I'm kind of excited for Cataclysm. Leveling is not my cup of tea, and the fact that they are only raising the level cap by 5 levels is a huge plus for me. There are also a lot of other gameplay elements they are changing that I like (removing useless/confusing stats, etc). I do not like some of the new race/class combiniations at all (Tauren Paladin what), and the new races are not my first choices, but that stuff doesn't really affect me. I will almost definitely get both TOR and Cataclysm, play whichever comes out first, first (I hope the releases are not too close as I would love to get both on release day) and decide which I want to stick with permanently after that. No way I can afford or keep up with 2 MMOs at once.

Obviously I am still extremely excited for TOR, I just hope and wonder if it will have the staying power that WoW has.

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