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I pretty much agree with what Jeff said on Cataclysm, but I liked levelling so the 1-60 makeover appeals to me, plus there's the fact that the 'new' TOR gameplay video shook my faith in Bioware a bit.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Nowhere; you did, however make it as if TOR will somehow be verily more exciting, original, and [insert spicy adjective] than WoW. While I'd definitely agree with that, excluding my general spite for WoW, I would say that we've barely seen any larger examples of gameplay to further analyze TOR against WoW... and the examples that we have seen aren't too impressive, to boot.
What I think she means is that WoW is still going to be WoW, even if Blizzard trims down the unnecessary weight (really it just looks like they're more or less going back to the vanilla WoW stats), whereas TOR is going to be a new game without the players who know the game in and out and a new, unique system in a setting that's relatively untouched.

Let's kill ourselves.

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