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Originally Posted by Ma Ping
I'm going to have to agree with TKA-001 here, and say that there's not enough info on either characters (especially Revan) to draw a definitive conclusion.
See earlier posts. There is plenty of indicators as to Revan's pre-amnesia powers. Hell, just try and think about it for one moment: Studied under many of the Jedi Masters, naturally strong in the Force, learned Ancient Sith techniques at the Trayus Academy and Korriban, Juyo master, defeated Mandalore the Ultimate.
But if I had to guess: Revan. He is the most overpowered and overrated SW character out there, along with the Exile.
Yes, very amusing. Perhaps if you studied both characters more intensively, you'd note that both individuals are worthy of a great deal of reverence. The former (Revan) is the first known individual to possibly be above the stereotypical alignment influence of light and dark (the only other individual who may be similar is Cade Skywalker), while the latter (Exile) has an unparalleled level of ability in Force Bonding.
But in all seriousness, though, it would be more likely that Anakin would win based on Lucas's statements.
And of course, Lucas could turn around and say that Han Solo is a transvestite, but then again Agincourt is debating that point with much more cunning and grace that I can.

But I honestly have to say that KOTOR and TSL both have succeed in uprooting basic Star Wars fundamental systems of analyzing power and morality from within the canon itself. The two games have essentially by nature made the much of Star Wars obsolete. After all, if it is possible for a Sith Lord to be a good person and for the Jedi to be a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites who couldn't give a **** about genocide on Cathar and other worlds, the premise of the movies is shattered. The Light Side/Dark Side moral system cannot function when it has been shown to not cover all things. If a man like Jolee Bindo can turn his back on the Jedi without all the sudden getting the urge to steal candy from babies, then it is just as possible that the Jedi lie when they say they are the heroes. Ultimately, the KOTOR era has given us a revolution: it is actually possible to be a good or evil regardless of what abstract beliefs and titles you hold.

Oh, and here is something that Lucas could have never dreamed of: a strong female lead character who isn't some princess or queen. Or how about: a team of heroes that is about an equal amount of both men and women fully capable of combat and intuition. Leia, as great as she was, was only one bright gall amongst an almost completely male cast. Padme? The level of her character's brainlessness and naivety in Episode III makes me laugh. A lot.

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