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Originally Posted by CommanderQ View Post
Oy....excellent fic, Endo!! Quite the dark side portrayal, if you ask me! The Sith Lords are proud! I especially like how you'd keep repeating "Jedi-Killer," giving a lot more emphasis, and made me feel that Tayya was going mad....or to the Dark Side

Good work!
Sorry it took me a while to get to this...I haven't been checking the CEC like I should've... >_<

Thank you for commenting! This whole story came from me thinking about the word/phrase 'Jedi-killler', so I didn't mind givin' it a lot of page space. Besides...Dark Siders tend to have minds like broken records.

Chapter 12 of A Soul Adrift is out.

Short stories:
T'katlu: On the planet Felucia, a young apprentice of the Dark Side thinks back to the beginning of her training as she lies in wait for her prey...

All the Time: After four years in the Unknown Regions, the Exile returns to the known galaxy to visit an old enemy.

Broken: A master of the Dark Side finds himself about to lose the one thing he cares about--and he will do anything to stop her from endangering herself.
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