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If Revan was smart, he would have told the Republic that he will pretend to join the Dark Side, since he didn't, it caused a lot of deaths, including his own apprentice, Darth Malak. So it's Revan's fault for his stupidity. He also disobeyed the Jedi Council and went to war, which led to Mandalore the Ultimate's death. He shouldn't have used his power for offense, he should have used it for defense. Anakin on the other hand was a hero at the end. Anakin was the true Chosen One, he actually did save the Republic and finished the prophecy, but it was until the end, so he did it very late. He was suppose to be the savior of the Republic, and he was because he killed Darth Sidious. Without Anakin there'd be no Luke. Both of them have their negatives, so they're both equal. Still....Anakin was original.

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