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Originally Posted by K1lingdr3ad View Post
Thanks Revan. How do you put all the different weapons on commandos? Also, General LiWar, you can put my commandos on your site any time.
1) It's easiest to use the no gun model and copy one of the weapons from the package and adjust until it looks like he's holding it

Originally Posted by Revan_Malak View Post
General LiWar-I know that you might be busy, but there are a lot of new Commandos, and I visit your site daily(that's kissing up to the boss ) and I haven't seen any of the new. If there is some way, I may upload them instead of you? Just tell me how.
2) I will be doing a mass upload in a few hours. I've just been pretty busy lately.

I will probably only update once a month again now that school is starting back up however.

Finally, gamma097 and Te Mirdala Mand'alor is it alright if I post your commandos on my site?

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