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Hell, just try and think about it for one moment: Studied under many of the Jedi Masters, naturally strong in the Force, learned Ancient Sith techniques at the Trayus Academy and Korriban, Juyo master, defeated Mandalore the Ultimate.
What does it for me is that Anakin took on eight Jedi and killed them all almost single-handedly. Of course, as this is Anakin pre-Vader suit, I'd say Revan would beat him without the suit. Besides, Anakin was naturally strong in the Force (Lucas confirms he's the Chosen One, and just look at his midichlorian count), and I'm pretty sure that while Anakin learned most things from Obi-Wan, he didn't learn everything from him (a deleted scene from Episode 3 pokes fun at this). Also, there's nothing to confirm that "Older SW Jedi/Sith > Newer Jedi/Sith"

Oh, and for the record...if there was a fight between Revan and Luke, I think it'd be Luke who would win. Revan? Yeah, I admire Revan more than most Star Wars characters, but Luke has not only Anakin's level of raw power but Revan's level of master. It'd be close, but Luke would emerge victorious.
Depends entirely at which age Luke is at. If your talking about the Luke from NJO series and on, it wouldn't be as close as you think. Read the Unifying Force and the first issue of Invasion to see my point.

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