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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
1) The Republic has proven constantly to be progressively incompetent. Their stagnation resulted in their inability to hold their own against the Mandalorians. Had Revan and Malak not intervened, the Republic would have fallen right there and then. If the Republic could not handle the Mandalorians, there would be no way for them to handle the Ancient/True Sith. The whole purpose of Revan's Sith Empire was to replace the Republic and the equally incompetent Jedi Order with a more powerful and worthy entity. If that failed, the conflict would ultimately serve to make the Republic stronger anyway. The fact that the Republic did so well against the True Sith in the Great Galactic War is a testament to Revan's partial success.
2) The Jedi Order of that time proved completely untrustworthy due to their cover up of the Cathar genocide, unwillingness to protect the Republic in its darkest hour, and the attempted (though failed) destruction of Revan's mind.
3) Mandalore the Ultimate was a genocidal lunatic who commanded the casual elimination of planets and civilizations. As later recognized by Canderous Ordo/Mandalore the Preserver, Mandalore the Ultimate perverted the way of the Mandalorians.

Let's get your facts straight.

1) Anakin was partially responsible for the destruction of the Republic and mostly responsible for the destruction of the Jedi. He never at any point saved the Old Republic. His act of betrayal for Sidious made it possible for the New Republic to be made, but that's not the same thing as saving the Republic.
2) When you are comparing Luke to Anakin, essentially you are comparing perhaps THE Greatest Jedi to a self-centered brat who betrayed all of the people who ever gave a **** about him (if he really truly cared for Padme he wouldn't have Force Choked her), slaughtered a bunch of children, killed hundreds of Jedi (innocent and guilty alike), and shoved Sidious' totalitarian regime down everyone's throat. The fact that he "saved" the Galaxy by betraying Sidious is actually just as loathsome as those other acts because he backstabbed his master, proving a lack of integrity. Granted Luke's done some idiotic things, but he mostly proved to be extremely awesome. Trying to even claim that Luke and Anakin are on the same level makes no sense.

Oh, and for the record...if there was a fight between Revan and Luke, I think it'd be Luke who would win. Revan? Yeah, I admire Revan more than most Star Wars characters, but Luke has not only Anakin's level of raw power but Revan's level of master. It'd be close, but Luke would emerge victorious.

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