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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
One could argue that for the time they got to finish the game, they were being too ambitious. But then you consider they initially weren't allowed to play the first KotOR, which made them lose valuable time (what's up with that anyway?), and you realize LucasArts were being unreasonable.

If there's one company I would want to make KotOR 3, it'd be Obsidian, without a doubt.
I rather liked TSL better than the original, despite its rough edges. The story as a whole was much more suspenseful and interesting than the original, but the lack in quality was greatly due to the tight schedule they had to keep. I can see areas where the game would have always lacked, even if they really completed it to their intended goal, but it was overall a much better plot than the original game.

I would like to see Obsidian complete the third game because they generated the climax in the second and it has not been resolved with the intro of TOR. I want to see it done as it was intended by Obsidian. At all would be alright if the game were awarded to another company.
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