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Don't release the mod just yet, there is still a lot more stuff we could add in. I had a theory on how hockey could make a "hudarms" mesh for the DC-15. First get some close up pictures of the DC-15 during campaign using the fly cam cheat and also look for DC-15 pictures on Wookieepedia and study them closely. Then look inside some of the "hudarms" files and get an idea of what the inside of a "hudarms" file looks like. Then open Wordpad and then copy and paste the DC-15 mesh in Wordpad. Then open a "hudarms" file and look at the two of them. Try to change the inside of the DC-15 mesh file copy and make it look like the inside of the "hudarms" mesh file, just it is the DC-15 instead. It sounds genius doesn't. If the DC-15 "hudarms" mesh is successful do the same thing with the E-5 droid blaster rifle in the game.

EDIT:So then when clone troopers and battle droids die in campaign they drop DC-15 blasters and E-5 blasters. Also put them in different places in the campaign so they are just as common as other weapons and put them in the mod maps. Anyone is welcome to try to make the mesh.

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