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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger
Please actually read my posts. I specified during this debate that we were discussing pre-amnesia Revan, which is different from the personality created by the Jedi Council. We have strong idications that Revan was a Consular due to the descriptions of his extensive Force Mastery. Strategum is often a trait of the Consular class. Malak, who relied on brute power, was more likely the Guardian of the two.
Wait... What? I was referring to pre-amnesia Revan. His power is unknown. We know he's strong, but not how strong. We don't know how he beat Mandalore, Yusanis, and Malak. What have they done? There are no feats or quotes giving us a good idea of how strong they were. And for all we know, he could have killed them all with grenades. But we don't know. Obi-Wan beat Grievous, killed Maul, and defeated Durge. Those feats seem to match Revan's.

We have seen his pre-Vader potential, at that is what this thread is analyzing.
I'm pretty sure he's talking about Anakin at his full potential. He said "if he wasn't burned on Mustafar," and if he meant RotS Anakin, he probably would have stated so. But he'll have to specify.

Anakin walks in with guns blazing and kills a whole bunch of a Jedi...with a great deal of help from the Clone Troopers. I doubt that he would have been able to kill all of them if there weren't Troopers to at least distract the Jedi.
Obviously, the clones did most of the killing. But that was mostly for the common Knights and such. Anakin killed Cin Drallig, the Jedi Weaponsmaster while fighting off one or two other Jedi. Shows that he was probably taking care of the more notable ones.

Revan enters and persuades the more talented and powerful of the Jedi to join a worthy cause, then afterwards form a powerful Sith Empire. He has reduced the power of the Republic and Jedi by at least a third and formed an Empire from scratch.
Don't see what that has to do with anything. Revan was more charismatic, that much is apparent.

1) Djem So has to be the most overrated lightsaber combat form in existence. The fact that he beat Dooku with it is not a testament to the strength of the Form but the fact that he was able to surprise his opponent with a different form and the use of the Dark Side.
How is Djem So overrated? And what does that have to do with anything?

2) More natural potential does not equal Superior Force Abilities. Anakin was a Guardian, and thus never developed much focus and a range of different abilities. Revan was a Consular who studied under many Jedi Masters, and at Malachor and Korriban. See where I am going?
No. First of all, you have no proof that Revan was a Consular. You're using pure speculation. Also, we know that Revan was knowledgeable in the Force, but we don't know what he knew. Saying he knew a lot doesn't mean anything.

I'd say the exact opposite. Ever heard of Dun Moch? One does not need to kill to defeat an opponent. Oh, and Dooku? To a master duelist like him, leverage and terrain are everything. Charging into battle like a loon (something Anakin did against Dooku during the end of Episode II) is like asking for failure.
Anakin grew tremendously, both in power and experience, between AotC and RotS. Using his faults from AotC when referring to RotS Anakin is like calling out ESB Luke when talking about FotJ Luke.

And Dooku uses Makashi, which is designed to use as little energy as possible while making precise strikes and exploiting flaws in an opponent's swordplay. Terrain isn't its foundation.

Proof? Mastery over Djem So does not equal a better lightsaber dualist, considering that it is easy for someone with lots of great strength to master. For the most part, all you're doing is just hacking at your opponent very quickly. Juyo, meanwhile, is a far more complex form.
Dooku has noted that Anakin was the best practitioner of Djem So he had seen in his life. And that's really saying something. And what does Juyo have to do with anything? There's no proof that Revan used it, if that's what you're inferring. Plus, form =/= automatic victory.

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