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Putting the "Fun" in MMO...

This has been dwelling within the back of my mind for quite some time now, and has only resurfaced in a convenient manner...

I've been noticing that a good deal of people play MMOs, and seem to enjoy a good deal of them, including serious SPRPGers. While I've usually considered MMOs to be horrible examples of gameplay concepts, and are complete, mindless cash-ins for publishers, I've recently started to crawl away from that notion, mainly due to my recent awareness of just how many MMO players there are out there. This made me rethink my present beliefs, and now I'm questioning whether or not MMOs aren't vile, and that only my mindset is the one at fault.

To be honest, I can't really see how anyone would find MMOs to be "fun"; I feel that they usually have horrible gameplay cycles, along with little flavor story, chock full of people that I wouldn't want to interact with. I'm ready to challenge that, however, and therefore, the question arises to all MMO vets; What exactly does make MMOs "fun"?
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