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Hey Silver, really excited to play this mod.

I've got a bug to report.. that other people have previously brought up, but haven't followed up on.

I JUST finished the leviathan portion of the game. Just got off the ship, and I flew back to the Cantina in Korriban. Drix isn't there.. he hasn't spawned.

I'm installing everything into a fresh override folder now. Hoping I get more luck with that.

Edit: Well. A clean Override folder, and Drix still isn't there..

Like I mentioned. I just finished the Leviathan portion, so he should be there, right?

Edit 2: Found a really odd work around. I had my save file right inside The Drunk Side cantina.

I cleared out my override folder again, and installed the original BoS. Booted up my game, and Drix was there. I talked to him, and got my journal entry to go to Tatooine. Saved my game in a new slot, as to not override my other file.. and exited the game.

Cleared out my override file, and installed Solomon's Revenge and it's patch. I first loaded the original save file, and Drix still wasn't there. Loaded in the save file AFTER I had spoken to Drix, and he was there? Don't know how to explain that one, but wanted to send the word forward.

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