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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
PastramiX, what MMOs have you played?
The only I've really owned was Guild Wars, and I was turned off by that after a few weeks. I've also played trials of EVE and WoW, both of which were recommended to me, and both of which became very banal, very fast.
Maybe it's silly, but a big reason a lot of people including myself like to do endgame content is for the rewards.
See, that's my main grudge with MMOs; it's all reward-based gameplay, i.e. almost every quest is instituted for more rewards (XP, money, loot, etc.), rather than creating gameplay for the sake of thereof. Once you've hit the maximum level, once you've collected an astronomical amount of loot and cash, then what's the point then?
After hitting max level, better gear is all you can do to improve your character, so that is something that keeps people playing long after they reach max level.
But that's not exactly fun. Why should I bother with another dungeon crawl when I'll be faced with simply more insipid combat? What's the point in collecting more materialistic rewards if I'll be faced with the same quests I had when I was a Lvl. 1 character?
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