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Originally Posted by Agincourt View Post
But Anakin is the chosen one; well was the chosen one. He was George Lucas' favorite and he was the one Lucas said was the most powerful Jedi ever.

Cling to G-canon.
Cling to G-canon.
Cling to G-canon.

George says it's Anakin
George says it's Anakin
George says it's Anakin

Most everything else points to Revan, but it's not like you can contradict G-canon.
Read back a couple of pages.

The fact that people quote real world statements/canon in a fictional character vs fictional character discussion, means they entered this discussion with the intention of ending said discussion... kind of pointless really.

we all know George doesn't know anything about the EU, and doesn't care, and his word rules... but we can still discuss cool stuff without bringing down the G-bomb

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