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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
Coruscant Entertainment Center

Curse of the Star Forge

Post KOTOR: The resurrected Dark Lord begins his conquest

Some cumbersome sentences. ‘Although it hit the wall where Vrook had been standing in front of,’ would have been better as ‘Although it hit the wall where Vrook had been standing,’. That being said, all in all it was an excellent first attempt.

The one thing I have consistently hated about Star Wars has been that the bad guys are always completely bad. So irredeemably evil that even Jedi can’t see ways to redeem them. Anakin goes from fearing for Padme’s life to slaughtering children. From loving her to trying to murder her. In KOTOR you don’t even have the chance to redeem Malak, it’s only kill or be killed.

I considered this; assume Padme dies giving birth. Obi Wan hides the children, but then, contacts Vader meets him alone, then tells him the truth, but only that Padme died at his hands, and there are children. Instead of spending eighteen to twenty odd years crushing resistance, could he, the same man who gave his life to save his now adult son, have continued on that course? Could he have been redeemed then?
Thanks, but I really don't know what you meant by that. Are you complimenting that I didn't make Revan the Pure evil Sith that Malak was? I guess I really don't know how I would describe Revan as. A guy who does the wrong things for the right reasons? A decisive warlord like Ghengis Khan? An exhausted and disgruntled individual? A guy in a tight situation only trying to limit what he's lost?

My version of Revan has the memories of why he sought the Star Forge in the first place and is trying to use it to help the Republic recover from Malak's reign. After the first chapter, the Republic surrendered and Revan became supreme commander while permitting them to maintain their governments as they were. Revan uses the Star Forge to help them, but is desperate to get the Republic to be self-reliant, except he finds out that not everyone is willing to accept having to live with a communist-form of economy. In theory, if everyone did as he directed, the Republic would flourish, but in practice, he has to deal with people who rebel and resist change.
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