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Ive had a go at KOTOR 2 - and it has been working FANTASTICALLY!

I didnt even need to apply any compatibility modes etc

Im using original discs and did not apply another other update or no cd patch

X58 based mainboard
Core i7 920 2.6Ghz
4GB DDR3(only 2GB usable in 7RTM x86)
EVGA GTX 295 single pcb

I even got the rez patcher to work - Ive been playing K2 for 5 hours at 1600p

Ive reduced the rez and forced windowed mode to take this screenie(this cuts part of the game screen off)

@Q >> re -the map fix gui file >> im not sure where that is mean to go. All works cool except the HUD map which is out of whack.

I'll give K1 a try another time

Also, I must get my hands on an x64 copy when I evetually switch to W7 full time, though not in a hurry to do so yet


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