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Originally Posted by Ulmont View Post
Well, I'm adding a pristine version of the B1, as well as some OOM series droids (that's the ranked ones. Red - Security, Yellow - Commander, Blue - Pilot, etc), as well as adding a B3 and a Cortosis B2. I'm also adding some of the B1 classes, such as Jungle, Tank Commander, Rocket, etc.

EDIT: I just finished the OOM Series and the Pristine B1. I need to edit some of the levels, and then I'll have some screenies for 'ya. (I'm going to give the Seps the pristine droids, and the trandos the rusted/beat up droids).

EDIT 2: I've started working on the Cortosis droid now, and it's more infuriating that I could have possible immagined. I just can't seem to get the BumpMap right. Still, It looks pretty cool. You might want to add a level where you destroy the Cortosis Droid Factory.
Great! We could add this into the Arc mod.
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