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Originally Posted by jxxx22 View Post
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The rocks disappearing I'm aware of, and it's an issue that cannot be resolved. No ideas about the rest. Are you running vista, or XP?

Originally Posted by wtfiforgotmysn View Post
Hey Silver, really excited to play this mod.

I've got a bug to report.. that other people have previously brought up, but haven't followed up on.

I JUST finished the leviathan portion of the game. Just got off the ship, and I flew back to the Cantina in Korriban. Drix isn't there.. he hasn't spawned.

I'm installing everything into a fresh override folder now. Hoping I get more luck with that.

Edit: Well. A clean Override folder, and Drix still isn't there..

Like I mentioned. I just finished the Leviathan portion, so he should be there, right?

Edit 2: Found a really odd work around. I had my save file right inside The Drunk Side cantina.

I cleared out my override folder again, and installed the original BoS. Booted up my game, and Drix was there. I talked to him, and got my journal entry to go to Tatooine. Saved my game in a new slot, as to not override my other file.. and exited the game.

Cleared out my override file, and installed Solomon's Revenge and it's patch. I first loaded the original save file, and Drix still wasn't there. Loaded in the save file AFTER I had spoken to Drix, and he was there? Don't know how to explain that one, but wanted to send the word forward.
Could you send me a save you've made inside the Dreshdae area without Drix having spawned. I'll take a look and see what I can find.

Also, installing the original BoS, playing, and then installing Solomon's Revenge is a bad idea, and will surely lead to issues somewhere down the line.

Originally Posted by illegalcheese View Post
I'd just like to say, this mod rocks so far. I do have a problem/glitch, though.

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[HIDDEN]So just to confirm, after you complete the original BoS, enter the Ebon Hawk, play through Shadow's vision, speak to Shadow, then exit at Dreshdae, nothing happens?

Originally Posted by Laar_Dha View Post
Since TSLPatcher doesn't work on Mac OS, it''s got to be done manually. The following files go in your override folder:
This won't really do much. Most of the alterations for the patch are done to existing files through tslpatcher, rather than copying a "fixed" version of the file into the override folder.

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