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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Did you try the Dantooine lag fix that I mentioned in post #2 of this thread?
No, as I am not having this problem with KoTOR2, only with KoTOR.

I managed to get out of the cave on Dantooine and discovered that I only crashed in there if I used the PC, if I played as a NPC there was no problem.
I then crashed multiple times after that outside the cave, and again on the Hawk. Most of the crashes are during or right after combat, but not always.

They look to me like an over heating crash, everything just freezes and nothing happens for about a min (unless you CTRL-ALT-Delete to get the Task Manager up) and then the Vista box about a program not responding comes up.

Since it looked like na over heating crash I started logging temps during game play and found that my GPU never exceeded 50C and my CPU stays between 42 & 46C. These temps are well inside specs for this hardware and should not be causing crashes. (The temps get much higher for example when I play Cryostasis with the GPU getting to 68C and the CPU getting to 52-54C and there are no crashes)

I know that there was a texture patch for KoTOR 2, is there one for KoTOR?
(not sure if textures are even a problem, Im just grasping at straws here)
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