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He was thinking about doing it himself, but RL was slowing him down. He did however tell me how he made it work. I think it will be ok if i post his directions here so someone could do it.

Originally Posted by Ӄhrizby
I used gmax. I imported both Zaalbar's and HK-47's Models in. Then I started with one place, like the wookiee torso, and under editable mesh, selected all, and used hide mesh. Then I attached to it the equivalent on the HK-model, so the bones on the wookiee model are still there. Then I selected all the remaining mesh (newly attached) and moved it down, or left, or whatever, it doesn't matter, enough to get it away from all the other mesh. Use the type in at the bottom to get it exact, like about 30. Then apply the skin. On some models, like wookiee and PC models, weighting can be a real pain, but on HK-47 it's mostly in 1.0 weights. Select the appropriate bone, and under abs. effect, change it to 1.0. Most of these are pretty obvious where they apply, but if you need a reference, open up another gmax screen, import HK-47, and select skins, and check it out.

I think that's mostly it! Guess it turned into a tutorial . . . sorry if it's hard to understand, I whipped it up in a hurry, and from memory; I don't have access to gmax, or anything else, for that matter (I'm out of the country for a couple of weeks). Also, this is assuming you know how to model/weight in gmax, and I'm not sure how much you know. If you don't know something, or need clarification, let me know and I can go into more detail.

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