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Originally Posted by -DK- View Post
Yay SsoG.
Unfortunately, I don't think I can add the sparkly effect. Glad you like it, though.

Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
It definitely looks... interesting. But I agree, it doesn't exactly look on par with the original...
If "interesting" means "mouldy", I agree.

Did you remember to detach the polys? (even on the handle)
Quite possibly not. >_>

A cool touch that you can barely see?
Re-read T7's lightsaber texturing tut.

I haven't played it yet, and I looked at it. Whats going to happen to me?
Well, when you do certain bits of the game will be less cool the first time around. >_>

Seriously, that sword looks very good.

Would that happen to be the hood from Kreia's model?
If so, I believe that the arm texture for one of the jedi robes uses an edited version of that, so I'm sure you can get pretty close using that little part of the texture.
They look the same shape, but the Kreia texture appears to be slightly different in shape.

Ah, something I thought was missing from the game. I didn't quite like how you use a skill in a dialog a few times in the whole game, and it leads you to the same conclusion as if you didn't have the skill.
Yes, it is rather pointless. >_>
And I too would like to see some unique dialog every time I play through the mod.
I can't promise every line will be utterly unique, but certainly there will be a degree of variance and difference in the direction of conversations. This will probably be most evident in the key NPCs. Whether or not it becomes a feature of less important dialogues remains to be seen.

dead guy laying in snow? the plot has thickened.
I use oxo cubes.

If he is laying in the snow, I'd say maybe make a custom dead-guy skin that'll make him look a little... icy. Because if hes dead enough to have his spine sticking out, he should look bluer and a lot colder...
I'm not sure I can say any more on that without revealing too much, but suffice to say that I have my reasons for leaving it as-is.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
I really the love the new model; it's definitely more, erm, intimidating, if not extremely authentic. Of course this is Star Wars, so historicity has never been the focal point in design.
Well, yes and no. The design varied a fair amount in Egypt, and some representations are more pointy, like this one, while others survive looking more like the model further up the thread. I'm wagering they weren't originally painted black, though, so your point still stands.

I see that Alpha Protocol has had quite a considerable effect on the design.
Haha. Actually, bits of this were written before much was known about AP. I blame synchronicity.

Sounds great so far, though. :0

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Aha, an update

Looks like you still got a lot of work DI.
Yep. As always. >_>

Its nice though you aim for something more "new" dialogue-wise.
Well, it gets annoying when there's five dialogue options, four of which are the same and one of which is "I'll be going now"...

Lets just hope TSL works with you on this and not against.
Touch wood...

Models look fantastic, so do the skins. Can't wait to take a swing with one of those blades ^_^

Oh, and did you detach your model like you mapped it. That solves 90% of texture troubles on weapon models in the game.

1) Model weapon
2) UVW map
3) Bake map into model (convert again to Mesh or Collapse)
4) Start detaching to element
5) Export and have a test run
Not always, but most of the time.... just like TG said. Smart kid
It seems not... Fixed now, though.

CHeers and good luck!
Thanks - same to you!

Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
Great that you're moving combat a bit to the background, and that you're giving more attention to quality dialog and meaningful choices (I didn't expect anything else from you, DI ).
Well, the game does have plenty of easy as it is - particularly towards the end. IMO if you're going to have combat it should be memorable and in a vaguely sensible place in the plot.

You can get away with a certain degree of casual violence in, say, a fantasy setting, but I think in sci-fi, generally things should be a bit more plausible.

In line with what TSL tried to accomplish, I think, combat wasn't the most exciting part of the game, and it worked wonders.
Well, that follows in the tradition of Planescape Torment - great dialogue, but really horrible combat...
I, too, sense a hint of AP.
I'm flattered.

The Khopesh does look better, I hope you'll get the rest on the same level of quality.
That's certainly the aim, although at present it's taking a back seat to other, more pressing matters like the main plot.
I'm not too worried about that aspect, however, as far as I can see, the focus is mostly on the narrative, and I'm sure you'll excel there.
Hehe, thanks!

Good luck, you'll get there someday.
Hopefully someday soon. >_>

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
It's always nice to see a Rhen Var update.

I had a thought on this yet I'm afraid I'll sound like an incompetent when stating. Well here goes nothing . . .
If you don't ask, you won't find out...

In the game - if I recall correctly - you get some sort of penalty if you wield a sword or lightsaber in the off-hand. Would it possible to have the off-hand (left) wield the khopesh with your original pictured position and the normal (right) hand with the new pictured position as RedHawke suggested?
I could release it with two separate items - one facing in each direction, and probably one with an offhand bonus, although I'm not sure - I don't actually remember if that's a possible item bonus. That's about the best solution I can think of, to be honest.

I imagine that a Khopesh would look perfectly at home with those Stargate skins that I've seen previously.
You're very kind, but Q and 90SK's work is hugely superior to mine...

Just a quick update today. Not much has been happening with the mod visually lately, so I'm afraid there's not much to tell in that regard, but I thought I'd post a picture of the (now-fixed) second khopesh in-game:

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