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Oooh, shiny blades *makes note not to lick pointy end*

On the note of your dialog update, very interesting. I don't even remember your skills really coming into play often in TSL, besides slicing the computers for less spikes. So I suppose there will be a reason to worry about how high our skills are?

Great note about the combat too, I agree that it should be a memorable occasion.

Suggestions: Make the combat more than a "Master Flurry-Master Speed-Heal-Master Flurry-Master Speed" type fashion. The opponents should have specific strengths and weaknesses that match their personalities and character. Boss fights should definitely be challenging, but not overwhelmingly difficult, don't let the player lose interest after a full three minutes of hack-n-slash. If a boss fight is too easy, then the player will definitely be "wtf-like."

Example: Sion upping himself about how much stronger he is than the exile, and then being driven to 1 HP in three rounds? Give me a break.

If you can get a player pumped up for combat in TSL, then you've definitely gotten a new dimension into your mod.

^ My two cents.
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