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Moving to Padawans Lounge...

As to your question #2, you get what is called a Null-Grenade when you misspell an items code. You have to type the item code very specifically.

We have the item codes listed here on SWK.Com, there is an item section for KotOR and TSL, the 'giveitem' code for the item is the part in parenthesis next to the items name, just drop the .uti part.

So, for example, to get an Arkanian Energy Shield in K1 you type; giveitem g_i_frarmbnds03

If you misspell it you get a null-nade.

Also some quest items aren't 'global' meaning you can only 'cheat' one in when you are in certain areas of the game. Also the console is invisible in TSL so the odds of misspelling increases.

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