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Originally Posted by tryguy View Post
Me again. I've just finished the BOS:SR storyline. Overall it was impressively good. I especially liked the back stories and philosophical debates that the characters played with.

Show spoiler

I'm off to finish up the game. I'm not sure when I'll next be playing KOTOR, but maybe I'll give it all another go in another 5 years. Thanks again, Silveredge9.

Oh, and I don't think I encountered any bugs to speak of.

Thanks, and goodbye.
If you found some of the boss battles too difficult, then maybe you should have temporarily uninstalled the hardcore mod and turned down the difficulty level to normal. The boss battles just weren't designed around the notion that the player might not only be playing on the highest difficulty (I'll freely admit this is an oversight on my part), but also around the off chance that an external mod which increases difficulty even further might also be installed.

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