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A signature thread

I was wondering if we could have a signature thread about Commandos and Mandalorians here. You know, showoff your sigs and help people who want some.

*Note - If the admins don't agree, you can delete this thread
**Note - If the admins do agree, here are some basic rules and how you can ask for your sig:


Rule 1 - No flaming in this topic, or any topic. If you've got nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.
Rule 2 - No spamming, meaning private chats and PM conversations in the topic.
Rule 3 - No posting other people's work, or at least if you post it give them credit.
Rule 4 - Everyone's welcome
Rule 5 - Have fun


Asking for sig rules:

1 Character - Tell me which character you would like
2 Quote - If you'd like any specific quote for him, if not it's the sigger's choice
3 Background - If you have any specific background in mind
4 Symbol - Any symbols you'd like to be in your sig(you can go without them if you want)
5 Your name - Because some of us are on 100+ forums, you have to specify which name/s you want on your sig. They can be more than one.


Alright then, I'll show some of my work, related to Commandos(and clones of course) and Mandalorians.

Anyone can post/comment/request/fulfill a request. Have fun

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