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I think part of the problem is kinda that many people don't realise that MMO's are the future of PC gaming. It can't be stolen the way single player games can. It is the next evolution of PC gaming. As connection speeds increase and more people get connected to online communities those wanting SPRPG's will continue to be sidelined. Single player games will be left to consoles... for a while... We're already seeing a shift to more online consoles. Won't be too long before even console games fall under the MMO category.

I can relate. I really can. Heck I refuse to even get a blue ray. I had a VCR until the stores stopped carrying VHS tapes. I sought out cars that still had a V8 and a Carb. But technology moves on. I went from Pong to todays games. I REFUSED to play any MMO. Then one year there was a lull in released games, and I said... Meh why not? So I started playing Galaxies.

What did I find? A great community. Not unlike the forums here. Sure there are a few people I'd rather not talk to. But that's what ignore lists are for(both here and in game). For the most part the people you meet in MMO's are great people. I ended up in a great guild and had a lot of fun playing. Then the NGE hit, and I lost my whole guild. I quit and deleted my character...

But then my wife started playing. She got into another guild and started having fun, having me fill in for harder stuff. I helped grind her character to top level. Then she quit playing and I was back to playing. Again, the guild was great. I was part of the leadership, and that in itself became part of the game. I earned a reputation on the server. Sure in an SPRPG you can get a reputation, but then so can everyone else who plays the game. In an MMO, you get a REAL reputation from REAL players. As a pilot, I could get anyone through any mission in space. I could maneuver big ships almost like a fighter. And a fighter, I could move that even better. On the ground... well... I had a less flattering reputation... Nobody wants to be known as a bullet magnet... BUT hey, I had my own reputation. Not one given to me by the game developer.

Then there are Game firsts and Server firsts. Being the first one to get any reward. I've never done it, but... It's still pretty cool.

New content. There's ALWAYS new content. There are almost no players who have completed EVERY bit of content an MMO has. Less than 1% I'm sure.

Badges: Hey for some getting every badge is a big deal...

Exploring terrain: Well... getting to know where everything is is something I do a lot. I really enjoy that. Free and open world... I'm gonna find every bit of it.

Meeting people: As I mentioned above the real draw is the other people. You say you don't want to talk with other people... Well ask yourself.. Why do you like coming here? The same people you talk to here you might meet there too. Heck many of this forum's moderators also play MMO's. You say that the people that play MMO's are immature.... That would be like saying that all forums had the maturity level of the Myspace forums.

Executive summary:
MMO's are the future of PC gaming, and likely consoles.
Why an MMO is fun:
- Community experience
- Individual pride
- Lots of different things to do
- More world to explore
- Constantly updated game

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