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I don't think I could possibly say it better than Tommycat. I had no interest in playing any MMOs until Rogue Nine convinced me to try out Guild Wars, insisting it was a lot of fun and had no monthly fees. I wasn't entirely sure about MMOs, but Niner likes a lot of the same games I like, so I thought I'd give it a try. I loved it! I played that game for nearly 2 years straight before Bob Lion gave me a buddy invite to Lord of the Rings Online, and several of our Guild Wars guild members switched to that game at about the same time. I've been playing that game for nearly a year now, and I still haven't managed to touch entire portions of the game yet. Granted, I'm not a power leveling type, so it's taken awhile for me to get a character to level 40 (of 60), but I'm having a ton of fun. I bought a lifetime membership for the game, as a matter of fact, and I've gotten more than my money's worth already. Both are beautiful games, playing with guildmates is a LOT of fun, and updates keep the games fresh.

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