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Originally Posted by darthnegate View Post
Not all MMO's are fun, and a lot are just cash-ins, like videogames of movies. Never trust a game made for a movie. World of Warcraft is fun because it presents immediate objectives. If you don't want to play with other people get a private server, lol.
Might as well make your own game and be an innovator in the trend in that case. Of course I would completely understand coveting a game that way too.

So far as games based from movies and vice versa...yeah it has had a track record for worse rather than better. Not that it ncessarily has any bearing upon the rest of the world though.

Besides, when someone makes a World-of-Warcraft-style private server for TOR, I will gladly get it and play. Otherwise, I will protest it, if alone and in the dark.
Well, I know what has been done for games like GTA: vice city, VC stories, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, etc. has been that some people have coded an addition to the game engine to make it a multiplayer game over the internet, and that the computers the games are on act themselves as active servers, though optimized I hear by the MTA engine creator's website as a gateway or something. TBH I have not really looked into that--I'm more interested in just playing with the mods I have access to.

While it is certainly possible what you propose, I'm not sure of the feasibility of what you say.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I think part of the problem is kinda that many people don't realise that MMO's are the future of PC gaming. It can't be stolen the way single player games can. It is the next evolution of PC gaming.
Yes, and not a whole lot in the way of copyright infringement can be committed, nor copying, pirating etc. Still there is something I do not like about centrilization of games like this. Although it will help with copyright laws, I also see it as a mechanism for which privacy can be ousted.

As connection speeds increase and more people get connected to online communities those wanting SPRPG's will continue to be sidelined.
From what I hear USA is actually behind in internet connection speed on a large scale compared to some other countries.

Single player games will be left to consoles... for a while... We're already seeing a shift to more online consoles. Won't be too long before even console games fall under the MMO category.
You mean under the strictly MMO category. Although it will get rarer, I cannot imagine single player games going away completely.

Funny: there is actually a megaman online game using 8 bit graphics and a similar engine, albeit improved. Online and multiplayer indeed, but of an old classic platformer. This has been done by independent individuals. However I'm not surprised what with all the hacks and remakes of older games happening. Which if you think about it was inevitable. Not that I'm necessarily pushing for online multiplayer, since I stilll rather like the single player or home based ownable games.

I can relate. I really can. Heck I refuse to even get a blue ray. I had a VCR until the stores stopped carrying VHS tapes. I sought out cars that still had a V8 and a Carb. But technology moves on.
The only way to keep your retro sentiment alive is to learn it inside and out and how to maintain and take care of it.

I go to to keep tape decks still going and have learned how to keep it all up. Still, most people and tech have moved on by now.

Find dealers (or become one) of O.E.M. parts production and distribution. Like the NES? NESrepairshop is where I go to fix things--if not to the component manufacturers themselves. Few people will go that far. Though thinkgeek has caught the bug of retro as well.

I guess I am not really into it b/c I'd prefer to socialize with other people in person. I am actually quite concerned how this move will affect the future of human interactions and skills--we've yet to see the negative aspects manifest in a real disaster, but...I'm just seeing a major step in human evolution. Towards dependency on technology, by necessity.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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