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Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
Why does becoming a virtual world have to be a bad thing? I'm thinking a world like Ghost in the Shell, where anyone can talk to anyone at any time using mental links to the internet.
Lolwut? Since we're dealing in idealism, I have one for you: Lawnmower Man.

GTS is nice to behold, don't get me wrong. However, that is not reality. And unfortunately anything near it is a long way off. Is technology accelerating? All the time--faster than we can keep up with, so fast it'll just crash. It won't be pretty.
Before the internet, it wasn't really possible for people across the globe to talk to each other at the same time, but now here we are chatting. The internet and virtual world doesn't have to be a bad thing.
Sure internet is improving all the time. However there is no way around this: as more and more internet dependent people come into play there will be less and less of us to actually handle what goes on in the real world. Just the fact of higher and higher dependency, to me, looks like once a crash hits that many people are going to be unready to deal with life outside internet. I am not exaggerating: Dealing with it when the time comes is too late. It's just basically sheep to the slaughter house. Maybe not literally, but in a sense.
Too much emphasis is placed on real life interactions, like they're such a big deal.
Remember that you said that when someone is ripping you off at gun or knife point.
All online relationships eventually lead to real life if they get serious enough(ie a couple getting together in WoW, they move in together in real life).
Which is a big if; who people are IRL is not always who they are on the internet even when they *are* being honest.
Plus you can't procreate over the internet, so we'll have to meet in person to further the human race.
Granted I come online to Relax, however, I'm not overestimating the online universe so much as I am measuring the real life adverse effects of over dependency on the virtual world.

When I am seeing problems stemming from a lack of self control related to over indulgence of the internets, to a point where government officials are now talking about stepping in and taking control of it for everyone because increasing numbers of people can't or won't do it for themselves, it is a cause for concern. Disagree with that if you will, but fact of the matter is there is serious problems not being addressed that government shouldn't have to step in and control, and yet here we are. Video game is now a category for addiction.
You're overestimating the online universe.
You can cut the patronizing tone right there.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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