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Originally Posted by darthnegate View Post
Stolen is the wrong term for it in my opinion, its more like taking out of library and burning the disc. But that's irrelevant, the point is, piracy hinders small developers, not the big companies. In the end, more people will purchase better content, and vise-versa for hyped, poor content(carpo-tunnel inducing SPORE comes to mind...).
Piracy is theft. It doesn't hurt the big developers as much because they pass that on to consumers in other ways. It ends up hurting consumers. If you burn the disks of software you don't own, you are pirating software even if you aren't reselling it you have comitted theft of intillectual property. Larger developers also have more cash to spend on legal fees, so.. they can go after larger pirates... but.. that's getting a bit off topic. At a bare minimum you would be in violation of copyright law.

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