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I think the fact of the matter is, George says one thing, but does another... He states that Anakin is the Chosen one of Prophecy, and the most gifted Jedi of all era's, yet he only wins like one (Pre-suit) G-canon fight lol... he gets owned by Dooku, then kills the 80 yr old, then gets the greatest ass whooping and ownage in cinematic history, and put into an Iron lung, tragic hero maybe, but greatest Jedi ever... Nope.

Revan is a Playable Character on a game, his feats are bound to be over the top and interesting... it's Your personal story.

The Jedi and Sith of the films (Apart from some of Sidious powers and accomplishments) seem more like Ninjas or special Police officers than the fabled mystical warriors of the the Pre-Ruusan Republic.

So I'll have to recount my Vote and say Draw, on the grounds of Lack of evidence and Canon status favoritism.

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