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Originally Posted by Jan Gaarni View Post
I see no problem with burning a copy of a game for your own personal use, lets say, backup copy should your original go lost / broken.
Today's youth being the urban destruciton machines they are, neither do I. I speak from experience having been slightly clumsy as a kid.

The only reason why companies say it's not allowed is because if you do that, they can't sell you another copy should something happen to the first one you bought.
Bawwwwww. Yeah, I kno. It's all about that squeeze for a little extra pinch of green.

As for Private Servers: They are not allowed. Any discussion on how to set one up is prohibited.
Just a pre-emptive warning.
Lukcy me, then...I don't have stellar skills for regular networking as it is. So I couldn't tell ya how to do that anyways. ...even if I wanted to.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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