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Much lub to all

GDS_VeNoM checking it. Great to see many of you guys are still alive and kicking, I have fond memories of alot of you guys.

Just to update you on what happened to GDS cos VapZ messed up again as usual.

In the final days of MoTS in 1999, Newbies Incorporated was formed (originally a MoTS alias clan) and we went on to play RTCW, CoD and anything else that had a crosshair and was decent. VapZ was useless at these games though cos you couldn't freeze tag them with lag, so he never played, but some of our MoTS guys are still playing together today (me, cRo, Maddog etc).

Most of GDS are still in touch too, and I'm personally still in touch with practically all the guys from our MoTS clan. When they said GDS forever, they weren't kidding!

Anyhoo, booooooooooooring. Again, nice seeing you all. Like I said, have great memories of Max and Cowboy kicking the crap out of me on numerous occasions and then quitting the scene when I was obviously becoming too good. Hmm yes. I actually have MoTS installed now. Let's go!

Some screenshots for you too (I still have about 300 of them and some of you guys feature heavily).

1. With Vapz and Majik in the GDS Arena NF Sabers

2. The closest I ever got to beating MAX

3. GDS NF Sabers Tourney

4. Testing arena with Ognob

5. GDS Cargo Soldiers

6. Aliases are fun, ask NGK Pyreus

7. USE vs GDS to decide who was the better clan (this after I infiltrated their clan as USE_Kooler just so I could play the "unbeatable USE God Vegeta"). Point proved methinks.

8. *WAVES to Confed*

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